Mica Noise


Mica Noise is not just a pseudonym I am using for over a decade to create art and designs, but a name I relate to myself and the art I am creating. I am not a quiet person (when appropriate) and nor is my work.

I have a passion for art, design, music and whisky. Over the last years I focused my work more and more into the direction of the beverage industry after I participated in the global Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender and Maverick Competition as an artist (after winning the German national competition). This industry is not only fascinating me due to my love for whisky but mostly due to the people working in this industry and their contagious creativity and passion for their work.

I worked full and part-time for over 12 years in the hospitality industry after completing a training in hotel management. This was followed by several supervisor and management positions in the industry and in financial customer support. My informatics studies with focus on web and law allowed me a change to project management in IT and later in online advertisement where I stayed for over 3 years until I finished my studies in Design and Digital Media MSc. This background gave me a great overview of various industries, their needs and in some degree their expectations. Despite all, the beverage industry still remains my favourite surprise box full of people, ideas and possibilities which make my heart burst.

Next to all this I kept on creating art and music (mostly singing) for minimum 16 years. Some broadcasted in exhibitions, some performed on stage. Nowadays my ukulele and a pencil keep my creative mind going. But all the possibilities in the area of digital design make me eager to expand my knowledge and create!

I am curious and I want to grow to create stunning designs and art. With a goal to focus my digital work in the area of 3D, animation and/or motion graphics in advertisement.

For inquiries or to request my CV please contact me!