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Ballantines Limited Edition Package Design

Ballantines published a pitch on Talenthouse to visualise the complex spices and flavours of the Ballantines 21 in a colourful and abstract way encouraging a creative representation.  The flavours which were to bring to life were cinnamon, ginger and liquorice.

Driven by my digital background I decided to create abstract icons for each flavour while also including a further tasting note of the whisky ‘nutty oak’. The create a luxurious look I based my colour choices on the art style of art deco.

The following tasting icons where inspired by:

  • Cinnamon: Top view of cinnamon quill
  • Ginger: Shape of ginger roots
  • Liquorice: Mirrored shape of liquorice candy wheels
  • Nutty Oak: Shape of a hazelnut


Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker 200 Years Anniversary Vintage Design

Another pitch published on Talenthouse by Johnnie Walker was for the creation of an anniversary package design celebrating the long history of the brand based around their walking man.

For a modern look I was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Popart. I created this effect using overlaid and offset images of old and new logos in vibrant colours. The black lined vintage illustration of the walking man is placed on top as the main element with additional outlines in black and a colourful gradient. However, due to my full time work commitments I never submitted this design to the open pitch as I could hold the set deadline.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition bottle Design Europe

Johnnie Walker published on the online platform Talenthouse a pitch for the creation of a bottle design which pays a homage to the rich and vibrant culture of Europe. The design had to include visual references to these 6 countries as a minimum: Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland. The whole guidelines of this pitch can be found here.

I used to opportunity of this pitch to create my first fully digitally drawn artwork using a digital drawing pad.
The base of the idea for my creation was the copper edging artwork created by the famous artist Dürer, who was a great inspiration as he traveled and influenced Europe with his artwork.

My design included the following countries:

  • Greece with a Greek vase holding an Olympic disc thrower
  • Italy’s remains of an Aqueduct
  • Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France all have the alps in common as a famous landmark
  • Spain’s Sagrada Familia
  • France as the originating country of the Hot-Air Balloon
  • Germany’s Brandenburg Gate
  • Scotland’s historic Edinburgh Castle as well as a whisky still
  • Ireland iconic Cliffs of Moher
  • England’s Stonehenge (on top of the Cliffs of Moher)
  • The Netherlands with their Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam as a connecting landmark to Europe.
  • Poland’s Mermaid of Warsaw (Syrenka Warszawska)

All motives are chosen either for its importance in Europe or fame across Europe. Such as the Sagrada Familia as an important symbol for Spain and still in construction, the Alps linking several European countries while being an important touristic highlight for all of them. Greece had significant historic influence on Europe and beyond and among other things is the founder of the Olympic games. The Cliffs of Moher, Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle show the breathtaking raw beauty of each country. Warsaw’s Mermaid indicates the great story telling and creativity of the Polish people, while the Brandenburg Gate is chosen as one of Germany’s most important and well known architectural landmarks.
Netherlands Erasmus bridge is a fantastic symbol for the connection all over Europe. Named after the humanist Desiderius Erasmus with his name being also used for the European student exchange program. And not to mention the whisky still originated in Scotland.


Kirsch Spirituosen

Tiki Mug

For the promotion of Hampden Estate rum Kirsch Spirituosen requested the design of a Tiki mug. I created two different designs of which one was a rather to close to nature approach while the other includes elements of cubism to achieve a rather modern approach of a Tiki mug. The chosen cubism mug merged with geometric shapes sticking out of the Tiki shape and was decorated with artwork inspired by the art of the native inhabitants of the rum originating islands, the Taíno. Further, to create a relation to the Hampden rum, the logo is placed on the forehead and back head of the Tiki sculpture.

While the design was created by me the sculpting and final mugs were done by another company.

The Tiki mug is available for purchase at the Kirsch Whisky online shop.



Since the first ‘Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender and Maverick’ competition in 2017 I got inspired by the beverage industry with a passion for whisky creating a variety of artwork either as part as commissional work, competitions or artwork.

Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender and Maverick Competition

In a team with Jürgen Wiese as a bartender and me participating as a maverick we created a winning submission for the Glenfiddich competition in Germany. We invented the ‘Trinity Serve’, a creative way to infuse whisky with a selection of flavours inspired on the triangular design of the bottle shape combining 3 elements: Glenfiddich whisky, ice and flavour. While Jürgen concentrated on the flavours and the concept of the drink, I concentrated on the artistic idea of flavour infused triangular paper with hand painted/drawn art which changed in contact with the whisky. Only as a team we were able to create a working prototype of changing art pieces.

This resulted in flavour infused – food certified – paper which held an art piece painted with colours made from beetroot paint. This beetroot art piece resolved in contact with the whisky while the paper infused the drink with a flavour such as coffee, vanilla or blood orange.

Our concept had also great marketing potential as it could be used for promotion codes or as unique collectibles.

After winning the German Glenfiddich Most Experimental Bartender Competition we were invited to compete in the international competition hosted at the distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. For this purpose I designed a wooden ‘Trinity Spoon’ to hold the flavoured piece of paper which was cut out of a used Glenfiddich Whisky stave. The Trinity Spoon had the feature to hold flavours from the stave to infuse the whisky and vice versa gain flavours from the infused drink. However, further development of the idea to create a mass reproducible version of our idea challenged the functionality of this invention in the final stages.

Glenfiddich Inspired Work

After getting an insight into the Glenfiddich brand and meeting so many creative people during the competition all with a passion for the brand I got inspired by the brand to create various artwork. From bottle designs to logos and music. More work can be found on my Instagram account.


Tiki Bar

Rum Mural

For a new opening of a Tiki bar in Berlin I received a request to paint a mural visualising a map of rum with a specific brief create an antique look.

After a lot of research into the history of rum I chose which Islands were important to visualise in detail. The mural was composed roughly using illustrator with all elements and fonts (names of islands) and lines.

The wall already had a worn out ochre colour. Therefore I matched my colour choices and painting style to merge into the chosen spot. Further I designed and hand-made some Tiki head stamps to reuse on other walls. Further images can be found under graphic design.



Further beverage related art can be viewed in drawings and illustrations