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Animal Drawings

Most of the animal drawings are done to experiment in styles including the laws of Gestalt. All of them were drawn from photographs.


Human Drawings

The complexity of the human face and body gives a lot of possibilities to experiment in representations. Regarding on the motive a vary the style and laws of Gestalt.


Nude Drawings

My nudes are mainly drawings of the female body as the famine curves are very pleasing and they further create amazing shapes and shadows.


Drawings for the Beverage Industry

The majority of my beverage drawings are based around whisky and whisky flavour as this spirit is very inspiring with its complexity and variation. 


Studies based on different artist

As some parts mainly of Edgar Degas high contrasting paintings captured my attention and admiration I later drew some parts mostly exaggerating the strong contrasts of light and shadow he used in his drawings. 


Further Drawings

Next to animals and humans I also captured objects, flowers or composed situations in drawings. 


Self Portraits

The best drawing material is the one you have constant access to.