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Graphic Design

Logo Design

Over the years I created several requested Logos. Most of them where created in a process with the client where I created several versions until we iteratively got closer to a final version.

The most notable here is on one hand the logo for ‘Physio Feichtinger’ which is based on the abstract image of hands. I designed several versions inspired by joints, the spine and hands although the client specifically requested to avoid the use of hands. The more notable is that she decided in the end for a version which reflected 2 overlapping hands in the logo (displayed with a blue background).

The other notable logo is my own logo used for this website which has emerged from the idea to animate my brand name in the same way sound bars move. Evolving from this idea I finalised my logo in the look of piano keynotes which hold a huge potential for future animations.

Currency Design

As a university project I designed currency and cards for a dystopian underwater habitat of London in 2146, called Thames Basin. The focus of this design was on engineering, technological futuristic features for security and surveillance as well as a design elements inspired by water.


Over two submissions I was required to create, implement and document a design concept for the Common Regulated Dollar, which is the official currency of the Confederated Oceanic Intercontinental Nations, a union of several dystopian countries in 2146. The Common Regulated Dollar is referred to as ‘cred’ or ‘creds’, and is symbolised by a D with a strike through it.

The design work had to include creds in the following denominations:

  • 5 and 10 coins
  • 100 and 1000 bank notes
  • 5000 and 10000 cards

Further it was required to create, implement and document design concepts for:

  • C-MIST swipe card
  • Propaganda motion poster (6-7 seconds GIF)



Both coins contain the similar features. While the first design was created to visualise all features, the final submission held a 3D visualisation for both coins with clear marks of use.

The Coins are made from a mix of copper and iron which are valuable metals and have both the shape of a gear to symbolise the importance of engineering. Both coins have 11 teeth for the 12 boroughs (in a background story I created for Thames Basin the habitat still has 12 boroughs which are inspired by the current London boroughs – 11 boroughs with the 12th being Thames Basin itself). In the centre of the coins are transparent displays embedded with different vortex shapes as an homage to water. While the back sides of the these displays are covered with a shape created out of the windows of the Crystal Palace, an iconic symbol for the Great Exhibition, a fair visualising the importance of technology for the future. When in use the vortexes spins. Both coins have additionally 11 stars on top to reference the 12 boroughs, excluding the 12th borough as it is Tames Basin itself. Coins damages on the cogs due to resistance movements usage of coins to broadcast secret messages by scratching off specific edges.

Bank Notes

All banknotes are made on a transparent flexible displays. Therefore the information on the notes can be edited, secret messages or location tracking can be broadcasted or visualised on the note itself. This can be done by enlightening circuits in shapes of secret messages to locate resistance movements or to display the movement of the person recognised by the fingerprint scanner which is placed on both bank notes. Bank notes can only be used with a successful and accepted fingerprint to prevent fraud and registered ‘criminals’ using the money.

The colours for both notes are inspired by oxidised metal while the font chosen for the Thames Basin text as well as the wave pattern were inspired by the sundial at Tower Hill.

As well as the coins the 100 creds bank note has a reference to the 11 boroughs symbolised with octagons which form 11 boroughs by using both sides with the central 3 being identical on both sides. While the 1000 bank notes refers to the famous shape of the Thames including all bridges as well as all flooded areas with a lighter green colour. Further the 1000 bank note also holds a reference to the relevant history of Londinium / London.


C-Mist Card

This swipe card is not made from a transparent display, however, it still has transparent parts. The swiping on this card is made to work vertically. Therefore the shape of the C-Mist swipe card is longish and holds 3 magnetic stripes on the backside arranged in the according direction which provide all necessary information. . The 11 tunnels on the back of the card are an homage to the Thames tunnel and to the 12 Boroughs (11 Boroughs and the 12th is the whole tunnel). The front is inspired by the colours of Brunel’s steam ship while the London Underground became the “Underwater” for this dystopian underwater habitat and is visualised with a cut out of the underground sign.

The front has a prominently placed C-Mist logo to catch the attention an visualise the importance of the transport system. While the logo itself was designed to visualise speed and the magnetic force of the maglev system.


Poster & Flyer Design

Over the years I created various designs for posters and flyers for either as commissional work or for my own purposes.


Tiki Heads

After a request I created 3 different Tiki head graphics for the menu of a Berlin Tiki bar. The graphics where further also handcrafted as stamps (10cm – 15cm in height) to be used as the owner desired.  The graphics should be used for the menu and also decorate the walls of the bar.