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Background Image


Digital Illustrations

To celebrate #maythe4th aka Star Wars Day I matched the shapes of various whisky glasses with similarly shaped Star Wars images. The result is a small series of Star Wars whisky glasses in black and white drawn with a Wacom tablet in Adobe Photoshop. May the force be with you!

Christmas Cards

For the Christmas season I illustrated cards for distribution in a small scale. All figures are own creations with some relating to people in my surrounding. The cards should bring a smile to people and therefore were exaggerated to create funny images. All cards are hand painted with water colours. 


Kids Book Illustration

The book ‘Marie und Ihre Abenteuer‘ (Marie and Her Adventures) was illustrated in a very short time. The author loved the a loose and sketchy art style of the illustration to support her book written in Swabian dialect. For the creation of about 40 Illustrations I received a detailed list of image descriptions to support the story of her book. All illustrations are created digitally in black and white except for the book cover. The main character illustrated following a rough description of the author which left me a bit freedom in creation (The book is currently available on Amazon). 


Other Illustrations

Further, I created several illustrations to tell little stories I had in my mind or to visualise some inspirations. All illustrations were created without any references.